A collection of video poems written and performed by Shiloh Sophia. As you watch these readings, may you allow the Muse to inspire, ignite, and sweep you away into beauty and solace...

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Falling in Love with the World  

Falling in love with the world  

my sisters my brothers  

and all my in betweens  

let’s fall in love  

again again and again  


this place we live  

this very earth is  

our home, our paradise  

our mothership extraordinaire!  


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Supplications for Elemental Travellers Part One : Calling the Circle  


Shimmer of water on trembling surface  

Shimmer me with your soft diamond veils  



Flowering moss salt of earthen forms  

Flavor me with your sultry crystal shine

Fire The sky traveller’s story is illuminated in firelight  


Peanut Butter for the Muse

Peanut Butter for the Muse Who is that peaking out from behind the veil? Winking in the darkness with the eyes you only sometimes use She wants to know  

Do you dare encounter the Muse?  

A word of warning: Don’t look at her with a direct gaze She may flee from you into her own place Leaving trails of feathers, the scent of truffles or a storm  


For Those Who Are Obsessed

Those who are obsessed with silence  

Will find their days filled with incessant noise  

When we can hear the symphony in chaos  

The fugue of existence will invite us to be one of the players  


Those who are obsessed with perfection and order  

Will be hard pressed to collaborate with anyone  

Especially the wildly expressed who may not have order as a value  

Let those who desire order, and those who are in chaos, dance  


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We Are Medicine Makers

We are medicine makers

we are women between the worlds

navigating star and soil and spit

adding fire to what is already

heating up

turning it up

turning it on

turning on

Turning our cups upward

to catch moonlight.


Meet Me in the Shimmering

Consider that there is a thought you haven’t thought of before.

Consider that you have access to material living within you you didn’t know you had access to.

Consider there is a great abundance open to you all the time and you have yet to even discover and explore.

Consider there is an elegance in your inner language your mouth has yet to form words around.

Consider there is a soul calligraphy inside And it is longing for a brush to stroke with tenderness.


The Healing Fields

how does healing happen?

is it…forgetting a little at a time that which hurts

and waking up one morning just feeling a little bit lighter

is it…finally forgiving yourself and the world

by understanding, somehow, we are all wounded with you

is it…realizing that the world is whole after all or accepting

that the world is broken open and has need of your love

is it…noticing a whole day, week or month has gone by