Just WHO is the MUSE?

You're about to find out!

Wet Your Brush to Experience a Muse-Inspired Painting Jam with MUSEA Curator, Shiloh Sophia!


Musea Center for Intentional Creativity

WHAT are we inviting you to?

Intentional Creativity Painting Class
for Women


Every first Tuesday

11am-4pm Pacific

WHERE are we Gathering?

VIRTUAL Classroom and SONOMA Classroom Registration is Now Open for these dates! Sign up for one, or all of them. They each have different flavors because the Muse has a sense of humor!

June 7: Muse of Story
July 5: Muse of Liberation

August 2: Muse of Magic

Limited Seating for Sonoma = 14 seats

HOW will this be delivered?
We will broadcast live from Musette with
in-studio participants to the global students. We get to be in person and virtual at the same time!


11-4 pst with a 1.5 hour break for lunch

WHAT materials?
If you are coming in person, all materials are provided. If you are coming to the virtual classroom, you can work with watercolor paper and watercolor or acrylic paints.

HOW can you enroll?

Tuition is $147 or 2 payments of $80

Musea Members with a monthly subscription save 10% with code member

Count Me In VIRTUAL 
Count Me In SONOMA

The MUSE lives in the land of imagination  

She is inviting you to join her for a spicy hot date.

If you have never painted before

or perhaps you are ready for a fresh encounter...


Hosted by


Paint and Reveal



The Muse is rather unpredictable so save your seat at the table if you are coming in person.

If attending virtuallly, plan ahead, order your own cake, wear a fancy hat, and get your materials ready!

Shiloh Sophia teaching Muse Days in 2019

Spend a fun-filled day with Shiloh Sophia as we Paint and Play in the land of the MUSE. Only you have the keys to unlock the door to the secret room inside.

Calling all misfits, renegades, amused muses, storyteller creatives, seers, queens, and those diagnosed with being an artist, for a flirty yet meaningful romp through your inner world to discover treasure.

What could really surprise you, that only the hidden self can reveal? Let's find out! Let's shake it up a little bit, shall we?

The Lineage of Stars by Shiloh Sophia


Have you ever been called or told ...
a. A wild card?
b. A piece of work?
c. You are too big for your britches?

d. You walk to the beat of your own drum?
e. What about a misfit, outsider, or renegade?
f. Tempest in a teapot or tiger in a tea shop?
g. just too dang much?
h. All of the above???

If you answered yes to at least two, you have passed the entrance to the MUSE DAYS CLUB!

Please proceed to the rest of the route.

And if you didn't answer yes, that's okay! You are likely one of us if you find yourself here, so keep on reading and join if you are called!

Muse Days painting day 2019.

Virtual Class Signup
Sonoma Class Signup

WARNING LABEL: The Muse can be a rule-breaker, rebel, and disruptor to your default settings. She may ask you to make a big life change, wear red lipstick or put on some sparkly cowgirl boots! Attend only if you are open to a new story unfolding for your life.

About the MUSE DAYS Experience

Shiloh Sophia's Midnight Muse 2018

By taking this class you will...  

  • ACCESS your link to your pure and wild imagination
  • EXPLORE the core teachings of a Muse-Led life. According to Shiloh Sophia - we each have our own but these teachings will spark your list!  
  • MOVE stuck energy through embodied movement and integration of brain and body  
  • CREATE your own MUSE Archetype to inspire and guide you, in a step-by-step process  
  • GAIN lasting access to the deepest soul space available  
  • DISCOVER your hidden longings from the wild terrain  
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with Intentional Creativity  

About the MUSE DAYS Themes

Each class date will focus on a specific theme to keep things FUN and fresh for the Muse each time. Pick the one that calls to you the most, or sign up for two or three!

While each theme is great as a standalone class, when you choose more than one you will experience how they all weave together for maximum Muse magic!




What are we gonna' experience?


Light the tip of your brush with fire engine red, hot pink or any colors your Muse fancies!


Connect with the potent rich wisdom that the Muse wants to share with you.


Delivered online right to your inbox to practice at your leisure - yet be connected to a community of creatives.


Increase your access to inner knowing, insight, and wisdom through new ways of seeing.


Gather in person at our new MUSETTE Studio Space in Sonoma Plaza to share in love and connection!


Meet other women creating all over the world and share your imagery. See what other Muses are out there!

Peek Inside Our First 2022 Muse Day Experience

Muse Days 2022
Opening Day May 3, 2022

Muse Day
Intentional Creativity in action

Muse Days
Intentional Creativity

Muse Days 2022
Welcome to Opening Day

Muse Days
Shiloh Sophia give Introductions

Muse Days
Live Stream setup
Reaching across world!

Muse Days Shiloh Sophia Demonstrating the Process

Muse Day Shiloh Sophia
Single Line Drawing Exercise

Muse Days Shiloh Sophia

Drawing Exercise

Shiloh Sophia
Painting Exercise

Shiloh Sophia

Painting Exercise Cont.

Shiloh Sophia
Painting Exercise Finished

Fellow Rebels await your good company...

I am Shiloh Sophia. I am an edge-walker, so in the photo above I am wearing a ship on my head with gladiolas coming out. When I walk down the street of San Francisco, New York, or Paris they don't even notice me. I am almost invisible. But since you are reading this very page it means something caught your eye. Perhaps my coy smile or my leopard print boots? My giant paintbrushes? Well, whatever it is you are here now. And if you ever wanted to have access to your own inner world in a wacky wonder-filled way, you came to the right place. Hang out wit hme. You will find plenty of fellow rebels here amongst the many muses of Musea.

Ready to paint your Muse? Shaking in your boots a little (or a lot) is totally normal.

"Hey what are your plans this week?

"Oh nothing much, just painting my Muse while jamming out to my favorite music and nibbling on chocolate.

"Wait, what? How do you paint your Muse?"

"Well, it is this super cool way of giving an identity to your wild self within where you ask questions and find answers instead of seeking outside yourself for the answers from everyone else."

"Cool. I wanna come! Show me?"

"Well come on then and let's begin by having tea with the muse, she is a wild card that one!"

The Intentional Creativity® Approach

Intentional Creativity means to create with love and mindfulness. It is super-duper simple and super-duper profound. We will work step by step to build our base of images. YET the deepest part is the inquiry of HOW you arrive at the images with your information and the translations. That part is top-secret and you have to join the WILD CARD event to gain access to that material. Just ask your Muse, she knows how it goes.

You don't need painting experience to do this kind of painting.

The more wild and free, the better!


Muses speak in Myth and Glyph in the land where the wild things are…. Within each one of us, a hidden self awaits awakening. That hidden self speaks in symbols both personal and collective. Most of us don’t know how to get in, past the voices that hold us back. Access is granted through creativity embodied. That which we call the Muse is really access to the hidden self. She is waiting to speak to you…

Muses by Shiloh Sophia


There are two Registration areas - VIRTUAL and SONOMA.


Tuition: $147 or 2 Pay of $80 

*To register for more than one date, adjust the quantity at checkout to the number of classes you wish to attend.

  • WHAT: MUSE DAYS Intentional Creativity VIRTUAL Painting Jam with Shiloh Sophia
  • WHEN: Registration is open for May 3, June 7, and July 5. The schedule is 11 AM- 4 PM Pacific Time with a 1.5-hour lunch break.
  • WHERE: Watch via LIVE broadcast. This class will be recorded in real-time so you can go at your own pace or watch it later. Those who participate online will be invited to connect and share in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom or iMusea App.
  • WHO: ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! Content appropriate for 14+ years old. This class is for women.
  • HOW: We will use acrylic paint with watercolor paper. A materials list will be provided.
  • WHY: We each have access to so much more about ourselves than meets the eye. If you are ready for a reset, or fresh wisdom to inform your path, this could be it!

Musea Museum Members who pay for a monthly subscription of at least $10/month may use code member for 10% savings.

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer savings to others who express a need. We are a community that practices reciprocity. There is a payment plan available. If you need a scholarship please email support@musea.org for consideration.

WE GUARANTEE OUR EXPERIENCES WILL KNOCK YOUR RED-STRIPED SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

Materials List for VIRTUAL Classroom Experience.

Coming to Sonoma? Materials are provided. Scroll down for registration.

  • 1 sheet Watercolor paper (Hotpressed if possible) size 22x30, weight 140lb. at least.
  • Acrylic paint or watercolor in a rainbow of colors + black and white
  • A few sharpie markers
  • Paintbrushes in a variety of sizes
  • Spray bottle
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)
  • Glitter (optional)

JOIN US IN OUR NEW LOCATION on the SONOMA PLAZA - How good it will be to gather in person!


Tuition: $147 or 2 Pay of $80 

*You can purchase multiple tickets to register for as many dates as you want, with as many guests as you want. Adjust the quantity at checkout to the number of total tickets you are purchasing.

If bringing more than two guests, email sarah@musea.org first to confirm availability.

  • WHAT: MUSE DAYS Intentional Creativity SONOMA Painting Jam with Shiloh Sophia
  • WHEN: Registration is open for May 3, June 7, and July 5. The schedule is 11 AM - 4 PM with a 1.5-hour lunch break.
  • WHERE: MUSETTE ATELIER Gallery and Studio: 492 1st Street East Sonoma CA 95476
  • WHO: ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! Content appropriate for 14+ years old. This class is for women.
  • HOW: We will use watercolor paint with watercolor paper. All materials included!
  • WHY: We each have access to so much more about ourselves than meets the eye. If you are ready for a reset, or fresh wisdom to inform your path, this could be it!

Musea Museum Members who pay for a monthly subscription of at least $10/month may use code member for 10% savings.

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: For the Sonoma experience, we are pricing this class as reasonable as we can to cover our hard costs. We ask that you take advantage of our payment plan if possible. For those who need a partial scholarship, please email sarah@musea.org and we will see what's possible once the regular priced seats are sold.

WE GUARANTEE OUR EXPERIENCES WILL KNOCK YOUR RED-STRIPED SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

*BONUS! Sonoma participants will also receive the class recording so you can refer back to the experience and continue your painting at home if you choose.


If you are local to the Bay Area, coming for a visit or live a few hours away, we can't wait to host you at Musette Atelier, our beautiful, artistic studio space centrally located on the Sonoma Plaza.

Painting days are well spent with a friend, daughter or someone you enjoy spending time with. Consider bringing someone with you or just come as you are and make some new friends!

We begin Muse Days at 11am. You can arrive by 10:30 to settle in and there will be a mid-point lunch break for an hour and 30 minutes. OR bring your lunch and enjoy the plaza. There are plenty of places to dine. You may also wish to make reservations after class to enjoy some dinner before heading home.

For questions about the Musette experience please contact sarah@musea.org

Photos from past Muse Days classes held at Musea in Sonoma.

Photos of our new space, Musette Atelier!

Photos from our soft opening at Musette during Equinox Weekend!

Creating on a consistent basis rewires your brain chemistry. Creating consistently with intention rewires not only your brain but your heart.


See what our students say about working with
Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity

"During this process, I was having a particularly hard time with the state of our world. Feeling sad and helpless I approached this process. I surrendered to my feelings and let the brush take the lead. What I learned from her is that not all feelings need to be transmuted. Sometimes they just need a place to be and to be recognized for what it is. I feel so much tenderness towards her and see beauty even in her sadness. I found solace in having her look back at me just the way I feel and there’s great medicine in that." - Maasa Craig

Painting: Let It Be

by Lesa Williams

by Annie Sylling

by Sherle Stevens

by Jennifer Magel

by Kara Young

by Milagros Suriano-Rivera

"Painting is self-therapy, rewriting my story, healing old wounds, discovering inner archetypes, keeping my sanity during these wild times, opening up to divine guidance, listening to my soul’s whispers, bathing in silence and colors, active self-love, getting into flow and more."

Sylvia Becker-Hill

"Each encounter with Shiloh Sophia is an infusion of courage that brings me one step further along the road to authentically “knowing” who I am and being willing to share that with others….."

Elizabeth Gibbons

"I was once very creative and never thought those divine doors would open for me again, then along came Shiloh Sophia, she is showing me the way back to the path as it unfolds day by day. I feel so blessed to have found her. Working with her is joyful and powerful on many levels. "

Maria Graham


"Thank you so much for “decoding” how to draw a face. I was just thinking about how incompetent I felt in elementary school, not being able to draw a recognizable form. And now, I can actually create a Portal and allow the Goddess, Priestess, and Muse to come through. That is life-transforming, paradigm-shifting, world-changing!"  ~ Anonymous

As a student of International Creativity, I am continually amazed at what comes forward when I create with my Muse. What a joy it was to watch Shiloh teaching and sharing her gifts with an intimate group while streaming around the globe. As I lean into my own practice I appreciate seeing the simplicity of teaching with how impactful creating with your intention can be. As I have just returned from my own in-person experience attending both Musette and Musea, I could feel the care and attention Shiloh, Jonathan & Stella Mac put towards insuring their beloveds felt special. The scents of the rose petals when entering the space, the sounds of soft music playing in the background & the attentiveness to all the beautiful details intended to create a unique and special ambiance for those attending. Along with their approachability and attentiveness to the attendees is warm and heartfelt, taking time to connect with their guests. It was truly a serine experience to be surrounded by such genuine love. ♥️🥰🧶🎶🌹 ~ Kelly House & her creative works from Muse Day May 3rd, 2022.

Below is the progress Musedays Riddle - I’m a COLOR OF WOMAN grad from 2019 I really needed a reboot for my own personal mindset & signed up for the 1st Muse day - after returning from a trip to RI to begin to renovate an old family home. We got back & off the plane to find my car had been in a wreck - the friend who had been house sitting was hit on her way to the airport! She was fine but the guy was a nut and ran off- no insurance! It is surprising how much IC painting can actually help you to sort out feelings and redirect your mindset even under the oddest circumstances. So I invited my Muse after the recent sun/moon eclipse to find some beautiful answers and help me decide what to do next? Is there a message there? My insight symbol moved from the cosmos to the infinity sign and ended in a pool with ripples - moving out -‘all events affect others’…When my Muse appeared she ended up with that magenta blurred heart shape at her throat, reminding me to ‘Speak from the Heart’ so that is her name. She wears a broken crescent-shaped necklace that seems to be reflecting back to that new moon event. I’ll work on her more before we are done talking… ~ Rose Shaw & her creative works from Muse Day May 3rd, 2022.

This was my first muse day experience.  The process really helped me to open up to the creative flow.  I had felt stuck and uninspired for a while. I couldn't believe some of the colors my muse inspired me to use.  They were lighter and happier energy.  I was surprised as my muse was revealed.  Since this experience, I have had more energy and enthusiasm.  I am eager to interact with my muse and continue this creative renewal process. Thank you, Shiloh, for this wonderful opportunity. I'm looking forward to our next two sessions. 
~ Deborah Jackson - Muse of Riddles May 3rd, 2022

MuseDays was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the inner voices we all have in our heads, to take them back and create shifts in thinking, opening pathways to possibilities. I love the concept of starting in the abstract and seeing what happens and I always come away with increased access to my own insight. 
~ Pamela Llano - Muse of Riddles May 3rd, 2022

I enjoy taking classes online because it allows me to move at my own pace, I can get up to attend a personal needs without anyone taking notice and if I move faster than others, I have a chance to refine my piece.

Painting this piece was particularly enjoyable although my colors were much brighter and more saturated than Shiloh's and that worried me at first it gave me the opportunity to work with what I had. For example, I wasn't able to erase the first face line and made instead I transform that into a facial decoration from there the piece began to talk to me the muse said it wanted elf ears, so I gave them to it. I'm still not sure if this is a male or female it will not give me its pronouns. Additionally, the muse asked for magenta eyes accented with gold eye shadow and dots lots of dots.

Doing this class really dovetailed with the work I'm doing in TEMPLE as well as the work I just did in APOTHECARY it feels good to complete a piece (for the most part) in the course of a class. To do that I had to let go which is very hard for me. I'm signed up for two additional MUSE classes and can't wait to hear what my new companions have to say.
~ Ruth Anna Abigail - Muse of Riddles May 3rd, 2022

A Word From Your Guide

“I don't know about ya'll but I am ready for a bit of wild play. Yes, a distraction but something deep as well. Can we have a good time and heal? You bet we can. Intentional Creativity is so cathartic, and you can enter into an enhanced flow state within just a few minutes.