The Application Window for MUSEA University is now closed for 2023. Request to stay informed of when applications open again.

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Our 2023 Musea University Cohort is forming and you are invited! We endeavor to educate women for the future by preparing them to navigate what is happening right now from an empowered framework. Our inner world impacts everything about how we impact the world at large, so that is where we begin. We go inside first, through self-expression.

The time has come for an educational renaissance rooted in trauma-informed healing arts and heart-based entrepreneurship. Serve your own great unfolding by bringing your Great Work into the world. Will you be a part of the first founding Musea Uni Cohort for women to become educators of the future?

We look forward to receiving your application!

~ MUSEA Founders, Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan McCloud

November 2022, Celebrating Jonathan's birthday in the Blue Ridge Mountains