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Join MUSEA Founder, Shiloh Sophia & Visual Educator, Sophie Michaud for an experiential and complimentary class on visual thinking and graphic recording!

Value $197 = A Gift to you!

Recorded in February 2022

Awaken a language that grants you access to deeper awareness, meaning, connection, and JOY!

Bring about a unique connection to self and others through the experience of creative metacognitive drawing.

Apply this powerful gift to your healing arts practice as a way to hold space for witnessing and capturing what your clients are thinking and feeling.

Graphic recording image created by Sophie Michaud is part of a fun booklet you receive with this class!

About the practice of image-making and what you will receive from this experience.

Our ancestors used to translate their life experiences into marks, symbols, and drawings on cave walls, also known as rock art. It is an ancient act of creative expression that still captures our sense of wonder today. 

In our day and age, graphic recorders are considered to be modern image-makers “up at the wall”. This class focuses on practicing “the way of the graphic recorder”, also known as “the sacred scribe” in the Intentional Creativity® Motherboard Coaching Certification training. We will be using the skills involved in translating complex thoughts & concepts into simple symbols and icons, involving images and words.

While visual thinking refers to the process by which we make our own thinking visible through the creation of an image with words, graphic recording is the translation of someone else’s content into visual language. In both instances, we ask: “what is the symbol for this thought? This idea? This word?” Conversely, we ask: “what is the word for this symbol?” In good Intentional Creativity® fashion, we will be working in both worlds: the verbal and the imaginal.

During this 90 minute visual voyage you will experience four practices:

  • Using visual language, applying it to translate our thoughts visually
  • Visual mapping, organizing information visually
  • Deep & active listening, capturing the essence of a message visually
  • Using color and shading to reinforce meaning-making visually

All you need to bring is ~6 sheets of paper, markers, and colored pencils!

Class value $197 = a gift to you!

Meet Your Magic Maker Educators

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world. Through her paintings, poetry, and teachings she leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused on Intentional Creativity® serving tens of thousands of women for over 25 years.

She co-founded MUSEA: Centers for Intentional Creativity® with locations around the world. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband Jonathan, also a poet as well as a chef and wine-maker.

She is the published author of 7 books. Learn more about Shiloh Sophia her Paintings, Poetry, and Philosophy at and her Facebook page www.

Sophie Michaud

Sophie Michaud is an educator, visual practitioner, and artist. Her passion for learning led her to become a teacher and to serve schools for 19 years in various roles, including school leadership. She is recognized as a visual leader, actively and intentionally incorporating visual thinking skills in service of her entrepreneurial work as an educator and visual coach.

Sophie earned her certification as a visual coach from Christina Merkley’s Shift-It Coaching training in 2019 which she brought into Musea’s Motherboard IC’s Coaching Certification Training in 2021. She is now an active Musea Guild member and will play a key role in the Motherboard curriculum experience.

To find out more about Sophie and her work, visit her page at and her soon-to-be-launched

Sophie's Visual Bio
and an example of image-making

Creativity is for EVERYONE!

Whether you have some or no experience at all in visual thinking or graphic recording, we would be thrilled to have you join us for this FREE event!

This class is open to:

  • Anyone who experiences thinking, visual or otherwise
  • Beginning visual note-takers
  • Healing Arts practitioners
  • Those interested in joining the 2022 Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coach Certification Training

Practice using visual language as a powerfully communicative tool in service of self-expression, creativity, and clarity.

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