In 2024 our yearlong study group in community is exploring

The origins of the universe and our place in it

How artists can be inspired by the colors created by the universe

What story did our ancestors leave for us to discover and why?

Our higher tier membership, the Imprensiva Society begins in January. All calls are recorded.

We invite you to join us for this in depth exploration of the Cosmos.

Colorful Cosmos, featuring our guest instructor Andrew Johnstone, is a yearlong study:

  • Naked Eye Astronomy and the Starmap in Our Minds
  • The Visible Spectrum of Light and the Color Wheel in Painting
  • Prehistoric Cave Art and the Mysteries of the Heart
  • A call to Conscious Evolution through remembering the Past
  • The Creation of a Future that Matters to all of us

Each monthly session includes Teaching + Conversation + Intentional Creativity + Community.


Imprensiva Society Yearlong Membership featuring Astronomer and Artist Andrew Johnstone


Jonathan McCloud and Curate Shiloh Sophia with Intentional Creativity Art Process from Cassie and Drew


Every 3rd Wednesday, alternating between 10am and 12pm PT starting in January


iMusea App + Zoom + Email


Sumaiyah Wysdom

Tech Assistance + Course Guidance

Guides for the Art Process

Intentional Creativity® Guild

Explore your relationship to your Place in the Cosmos

How does your relationship to your place in space impact the way you experience life on earth?

What is the story you tell about being here?

We will explore our relationship to our sense of place in the cosmos, how artists can work with the colors created by the universe, and what story did our ancestors leave for us to discover and why.

We want every University student, Guild graduate and Intentional Creativity® Foundation member to know these foundational elements of creation and what they mean for the creative person.

Moon Phase Image
Moon Phase Image

Earn University Credit

This yearlong study includes:

  • Thirteen 90-minute calls
  • 13 pieces of journal art
  • 13 writing processes
  • A 2-hour film: Connecting the Dots

Once you complete all assignments and submit them for evaluation, you will receive 1 University credit upon submission approval.

Curriculum Overview - Subject to change - this is just to give you an idea

January 17: 10-11:30am 

Naked Eye Astronomy Introduction: Birth of Light, exploding stars and red iron oxide on Earth and in our blood. What story will you tell about your place within creation?

February 1: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Ceremony with Shiloh Sophia

February 21: 12-1:30pm

Connecting the Dots film screening for community. Our two hour film on the Lascaux Cave - what is hidden in the ‘hall of bulls’ animals in this 17,000 year old cave painting in France? What does it have to do with who we are as humans today? What story were they telling us?

March 20: 10-11:30am

Star Map in my Mind: Learn to understand the motion of the night sky and the stars, Moon and planets and their primary relationship and location. Learn to use an app to navigate the night sky. Where are we in spacetime and what does it have to do with being an artist? 
March 21: 10-11:30am
Cura Council Equinox Ceremony with Shiloh Sophia:

April 17: 12-1:30pm 

The Pillars of Creation + The vortical motion of planets and the nature of their primordial creation. Their relationship to elements and the earth and the moon’s relationship to earth.


May 1: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Ceremony with Shiloh Sophia

May 15: 10-11:30am  
Our Milky Way, Color and Hubble: What we are learning from the James Webb telescope, the heat signature, and spectra of elements (lead into Color) + Andrew’s telescope and how a telescope works, and an overview of the coming April 8th total solar eclipse. 

June 19: 12-1:30pm

(Shiloh's birthday) Pigment, mediums, solvents and types of paint. Color Mixing Demo + intro and limitations of the Color Wheel for Artists.

June 21: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Equinox Ceremony with Shiloh Sophia

July 17: 10-11:30am
The Visible Spectrum of Light Introduction from Infrared to Ultra-Violet. What is your relationship to color in your life and in your art?

August 1: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Ceremony with Shiloh Sophia

August 21: 12-1:30pm 

Light, Color and Heat - Exploring the frequency of color, The 42 Degrees of the Prism, how it works and why, and creating alignment in your life and work

September 18: 10-11:30am

Color in Energy and Color in Earth Matter - How is it different and why? Reclaiming the meaning of color in our lives. Exploring vibration and frequency and relationship to our physical bodies (lead by Shiloh Sophia)


September 23: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Equinox Ceremony and Conscious Evolution with Shiloh Sophia

October 16: 12-1:30pm 

Cave Art and the Mysteries of the Heart - What are we learning from our early ancestors and what does it mean for us today? What record will we leave? 

November 1: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Ceremony and Conscious Evolution with Shiloh Sophia

November 20: 10-11:30am

The journey of Evolution - Where are we now and can we consciously evolve? And how. Explore the 32 Symbols of Ice Age Europe and what you would include.
December 19: 12-1:30pm  

Humanity Going forward and our part in the path of the Future

December 21: 10-11:30am

Cura Council Solstice Ceremony

January 16: 12-1:30pm

Completing Story Circle

Your Commitment

Learning is a lifelong journey. Your commitment to yourself and your ever evolving base of knowledge is key to your personal growth and understanding.

$33 Society Monthly Membership

Your Support Team

Sumaiyah Wysdom

Sumaiyah Wysdom is the MUSEA Intentional Creativity® Foundation's Executive Director, an Intentional Creativity Educator, Coach, and Guide, and an active Guild Member. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of information technology and uses her expertise in this area to support the organization and MUSEA community. Sumaiyah is the Founder, Curator, and Resident Artist of Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier in Baltimore, Maryland where she offers Intentional Creativity® programs, workshops, and courses to the community in which she was raised.

Sumaiyah is the Colorful Cosmos Director and your source for tech support. She can be reached via email at

Kelly House

Kelly House is the Creative Counselor for MUSEA University and an Intentional Creativity Practitioner, Educator, Coach, Guide and active Guild member.  She has over 20 years experience in the field of supporting children, youth & families and uses this skill set in caring for the Heart of the MUSEA village.  Kelly is the Founder of KAH Studios where she is the Artist in Residence and offers Intentional Creativity coaching and workshops to her curious guests looking to explore what's possible using creativity as a catalyst for change.

Kelly is the Colorful Cosmos Counselor and support in the iMusea App + University guidance. She can be reached via email at

Cassie and Drew

Active Society Level Members since 2021, Cassandra & Drew, love teaching Intentional Creativity to any beloved “star spores” that are called to their circles. They also collaborate together on their intentional photography project “Mountain Fresh Trades” connecting people to the other than human world wherever they are. Cassandra is a recent Color of Woman 2023 Graduate, an active Guild Member, a professional graphic designer, and artist. Drew is certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, and has regularly practiced Intentional Creativity since he and Cassandra found the innovative modality in 2021.

Cassie and Drew are the hosts of the Colorful Cosmos Intentional Creativity Process. They can be reached at

Moon Phase Image

What is your relationship to your sense of place in the cosmos? Join us for an indepth exploration of this inquiry.