IMAGINE: A Virtual Creativity and Intuitive Painting Course with Mischief Making Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Guided Abstract Expressionist + Contemporary Symbolism Painting Videos delivered in 13 Powerful Intuitive Creative Inquiries

An Inner Voyage to Explore

that which is just beyond your wildest imagination….

What DOES live just beyond your wildest imagination?

Have you ever been ‘there’?

What or where is ‘there’?

Would you dare?

Will you discover something you have never known you knew
but nonetheless have known it all the while?

There is a key to ‘there’ somewhere.


Here’s the Riddle. You have to go in to find out.
Which means, you must leave the sanctity of your own exile and join the community.

We don’t hold the key, you do indeed, but we have traveled deep and wide
to parts undiscovered, to the edge of the map where, there be dragons. 

We can hold a candle for you.
Light the way through the darkest places. 

Will you find the cabinet of curiosities has been collecting your old bones all along?
Skeletons and jars of potential on dusty shelves with crystal balls and feathered things?

Will you find artifacts of fairytales long overdue for composting?
Scale and fin, sail and boat, tail, and red cowgirl boots?
Will you put on your coat of many paradoxes and do a little jig?
Follow the trail of sequins and smooth beach rocks to the plate of cookies
waiting for you here in the secret rooms.

Here, the pilgrims of personal revolution and the gypsies of transformation
have called a circle like no other.
It’s like no other simply because your presence will make it so.

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Calling Eccentric Creatives to the Red Thread Cafe! A bulletin has been pasted to the walls of every town near you – calling wayward gypsies, weary pilgrims, cosmic cowgirls, medicine women, trick riders, edge-walkers, visionary seers, fringe dwellers, debutantes with paintbrushes, hermits in waiting, exhibitionists and not-the-only-one dreamers.

We are Cultivating the Alchemy of Awareness Through Creativity, Play, Passion, Process, Psyche & Prowess.

Dive into the taboos housed within your secret rooms and bring them out to play.

Come out as unacceptably strangely yourself.

Intentional Inquiry

Real Questions

Sisterhood Stories

Dynamic Muse Infusion

And Dance Breaks

Message from Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

This is a 'survival to thrival' dedicated creative practice. You will paint through 13 powerful inquiries and wake up to your own personal medicine. You will include all that you choose. Pray in paint. Track current events in dots and lines. Explore the shapes that emotions make.
Discover who you are. Get access to hidden rooms. All of it goes in. Nothing held out. ABSOLUTE processing zone.

You are going to need big brushes and a big canvas my dear. But don’t fear. You will be provided with an inquiry, symbol, dares & language framework within which to reveal your own material and voice. We will work with deep themes - as well as creatives practices in everything from sacred geometry, light and dark, drawing our hands, acrylic transfer and marking techniques and patterns.

This voyage is based in surprise. So the map will not be provided in advance. Like other Cosmic Cowgirls courses you will have to wait and see and enter dangerous territory to see what is hiding in the dark. To look at what you haven’t wanted to look at.

This cycle is dedicated to waking up using your imagination as a vehicle of transportation.

We can’t control everything but we can be an actively empowered participant in the great unfolding through knowing who we are. It is about discovering through playing. Through poetry. Through your muse probing around in your unconscious seeking access to the secret rooms within your psyche. You in?

Powerfully guided and uniquely personal. You will be led on a journey into your own visionary screen to access the information often hidden from view.

No painting experience needed. This is not for ‘artists’, and is not based in artistic talents. You will not be painting what Shiloh is painting, as your journey is your own. Your own symbols. Your own shapes. Your own language will emerge. Basic techniques will be included from brush handling to paint coverage. But the intuitive realm will rule the riddles.  


BIG CANVAS Liquid acrylic paints, heavy body acrylics, white especially, brushes including big ones and liner, spray bottle, foam brush, pencil, journal, red thread, glue, mixed media journal, black gesso, charcoal, white charcoal pencil, white sharpie, sharpies, Gold leaf, and gold leaf glue, empty squeezy tube that can make dots, gloss medpallete knife, compass with spot for pencil like at school, big ruler.

Suggested Time Investment: 2-6 hours for each of the thirteen segments.