Ready to let go? Get free? Honor your body and your inner beauty?

If you have been feeling wound up, up tight, stressed, holding it all in or ready to unravel....
then join us for wild self expression!

Unleash the energy of your own DIVA X. Who is she?

Only you know!

The Origins of Diva X:

Listen to Shiloh's story about how the class was created and her personal invitation to you!


Musea Center for Intentional Creativity®

& Curator Shiloh Sophia

WHAT are we inviting you to?

A daylong painting class for women

with a focus on expressing your relationship

with your body temple

HOW will this be delivered?

Watch the recording on the class dashboard and paint at your own pace.

WHAT materials?
If you are coming in person, materials are provided

If you are coming to the virtual classroom, you can work with any acrylics and brushes

HOW can you enroll?

Tickets are $197. If in need of a scholarship, a $50 savings is available at your discretion using code: diva (all lowercase)

A cathartic journey

The experience of Uncoiling

The creation of a fresh intimacy with yourself

The expression of your own Diva X

The feminine prowess only you can reveal to yourself!

Paint Diva X





You don't want to miss this!

Plan ahead to get your home studio ready and plan a mini retreat in the comfort of your home!

Shiloh Sophia in colorful conversation with her Diva X. She will show you the way to meet and express your own.

Spend a day of personal freedom with Shiloh Sophia as we PAINT, EXPRESS, & UNCOIL our passionate, vibrant, and sensual selves!

"Blooming Woman" by Shiloh Sophia

A message from MUSEA Founder Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

From the time we are little children we begin to put parts of ourselves away so that we don’t offend, stick out, or appear strange. Mostly this is because we fear we won’t be loved and we don’t know who we are yet since we haven’t tried it out. And, the fear is not unfounded, as many have experienced.

On into high school – for most of us it gets worse. By the time we are adults we are experienced at hiding, and get coiled up inside. Wound up. Stressed out about who we are. Often forgetting who we were or who we could be. Wrapped up in ourselves and at the same time, not being fully ourselves. Some of us promised to go get those lost parts of ourselves,

We said: I’ll be back for you….

But when? And how?

I welcome you to this DIVA X 2.0 class with wide open arms. This class dreamed itself while I was in Florence, Italy in 2015, and I listened. The name UNCOILING was given to me with images and brushstrokes that are designed to 'unlock' and free stuck energy within us. As we go through just ordinary life, stress-filled jobs or relationships, we begin to coil, to turn in on ourselves, to wind up and, like a spring, ready to jump. We have anxiety, paranoia, vertigo, and systems running willy nilly. As a woman artist dedicated to researching healing, it is not surprising this class should appear at this time, especially in combination with an exploration of age, beauty, and sensuality.

I have been studying art and art history, beauty myths, and looking specifically about the Botticelli ICON of Venus. These swirling feelings, and emotions, and images of uncoiling and the Diva energy are colliding in a world within me that of course, I want to share with you. Join me to discover what is revealed by DIVA X 2.0 for you. Diva X 1.0 is a legendary class, and this one will be FRESHY-FRESH!

With love,

Join us and experience what "Uncoiling" is all about!

Class Signup

About the DIVA X 2.0 Experience

By taking this class you will:

  • UNWIND as you let go of stress & constrictive feelings
  • DELIGHT in your Senses, relaxing in your body's inner wisdom
  • CONNECT with your own beauty myth
  • EXPLORE paint as a creative medium to release tension
  • FIND your own flow as you move the energy from your hand unto the canvas
  • CREATE your own Diva X inspired painting
  • DISCOVER two specific painting techniques that will help you unravel and express your own experience of beauty
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with Intentional Creativity  

Shared Experiences from Students of Intentional Creativity

"I am overwhelmed with joy, excitement, tears, and love. I have treated my body so mean for so long, danced with addiction, and struggled with major body image issues for decades. There are no words to accurately describe just how much Shiloh Sophia's work has impacted my life and helped my body heal. Painting is unwinding what has been held deep within my cells. I am blown away and completely surprised by the impact this has had on my body, and on my life. It was the Great Spirit that brought me to her, to all of you. I am forever grateful and look forward to more Intentional Creativity journey together."

~ Megan Zaback 2023

The Intentional Creativity® Approach

Intentional Creativity means to create with love and mindfulness. It is super-duper simple and very profound. We will work step by step to build our base of images. YET the deepest part is the inquiry of HOW you arrive at the images with your information and the translations. Your Muse always knows the way. Follow its nudges!

You don't need painting experience to do this kind of painting.

The more wild and free, the better!

Diva X by Louise Kirby

Diva X by Shanti Ines Kassebom

"I shall reclaim not only the lost parts of myself from the past. BUT. I shall claim the parts of myself going forward as they arise. I won’t go to sleep on them. I will include all of it into my DIVA X archetypal framework. She who claims all of it. " -Shiloh Sophia

"Muse of Liberation" by Shiloh Sophia



Materials List for VIRTUAL Classroom Experience.

  • 1 GIANT Canvas, 24X48 MINIMUM size so that you have room to move
  • An easel or canvas securely hung on the wall
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
  • Paintbrushes in a variety of sizes
  • Spray bottle
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)
  • Computer with good connection, camera and Facebook access (if you want to share your process with the community)
  • A candle
  • Scarf for Movement


Diva X by Sue Woodard

Diva X by Corina Stupu Thomas

Diva X Rising by Hobby Parent

Diva X by Caroline Miskenack

"Painting is self-therapy, rewriting my story, healing old wounds, discovering inner archetypes, keeping my sanity during these wild times, opening up to divine guidance, listening to my soul’s whispers, bathing in silence and colors, active self-love, getting into flow and more."

Sylvia Becker-Hill

"Each encounter with Shiloh Sophia is an infusion of courage that brings me one step further along the road to authentically “knowing” who I am and being willing to share that with others….."

Elizabeth Gibbons

"I was once very creative and never thought those divine doors would open for me again, then along came Shiloh Sophia, she is showing me the way back to the path as it unfolds day by day. I feel so blessed to have found her. Working with her is joyful and powerful on many levels. "

Maria Graham

For women in particular, there is a pattern of aging, maiden mother and crone. Well, there are way more than that. Diva. Queen. Medicine Woman. Don’t be stuck between mother and crone or maiden and mother. There are lots of other choices out there. In here. Let’s call them out and invite them to the party.