Who Are the Cosmic Cowgirls? 

We come from all over the cosmos exploring just what's possible when we get to be who we really are: We are women who walk between the worlds ~ Bad Ass Mystics, Priestesses of Possibility, Poets of Insight and Artists of Transformation, just to name a few of the wild archetypes hanging around the rodeo of the soul. We call ourselves the Cosmic Cowgirls because that is what we are – women who have one bare foot on the good green earth and the other cowgirl boot in the shimmering stars. We straddle the worlds and ride bare-back in the rodeo of the soul. We can often be found lassoing stardust to sprinkle onto our canvases and pages of poetry. We know there's lots of work to be done around this big ole' ranch aka world, and while we are chopping wood and carrying water we'll better be darn sure you have a good time while you're at it. 

Perhaps you are wondering - who are we
to be making these claims to possess the elixir of legend sauce?
We are a tribe of women discovering our freedom
through our creative acts.

Cosmic Cowgirls 14th annual Gathering : SOUL POWER : Celebrating your Inner Wonder Woman

At the quantum level, we are a mothership for women to restore, replenish and rediscover their unique identities. At the business level we are a woman-owned LLC founded in 2004 by 25 founding mamas. Currently, we have over 100 Owner Members and over 200 participating members.  

Our vision is to create a 100 year plan where our company cannot be bought or sold, and holds the interests and equity of women in trust, and creates a legacy for future generations. This includes families who choose to bring their legacies together with ours to fund an incredible future for generations to come. Your granddaughter's granddaughter will know who we were and benefit from the dreamers of today bringing insight to the dreamers of tomorrow. 

Creating a Legacy of Vision Keepers by becoming an owner in our woman and girl owned LLC.

For 16 years our inner circle community members have worked together with our community to gather, publish books, invest in land, fund projects and support initiatives. To become an owner you need to:

* Graduate from one of our Certification programs 

*Apply for Ownership and be an active member for a year

*Take the Legend Course

*Choose your investment level and attend owner meetings.

To speak to someone about the path to ownership please email ShilohSophia@Musea.org 

More photos from Cosmic Cowgirls Annual Gatherings