Participation through Musea is an ever-deepening journey. Since our plan lasts decades, we not only include all ages but we invite all of our members to think beyond their lifetime into legacy. As you move through levels of engagement, it isn't like moving up a ladder, but rather, moving more deeply into your connection with yourself, and with your own creative process within the context of community. 

We initially invite you to join our free Red Thread Community online, learn about Intentional Creativity by participating in our in-person and online classes, or becoming a Musea Member.

In time, if you love the work and desire to bring creativity to your beloveds, community and clients, we hope you consider becoming an Initiate through one of our Certification programs. 

Below is an outline of this journey and ways you may collaborate with Musea after you have completed your certification. The ultimate for us is that you eventually become a part of our 100 year legacy through becoming an OWNER in Cosmic Cowgirls.  

Levels of Collaboration


Become an educator and train to bring your gifts!

If you desire to gather others, our curriculum might be ideal for you. We have been training educators, healers, therapists, shamans and professionals since 2010. You are in good company with potent women leaders in their field of work. 

You can become an Intentional Creativity Teacher through Color of Woman or an Intentional Creativity Coach through Motherboard. We also have a certification program for women to learn how to lead circles called Red Thread Guide. 

We are proud to have over 360 certified women educators world-wide offering their gifts. Enrollment in Certification programs are only once a year.

Those who choose to become Musea Members are first to know when enrollment is open. 

Ready for action? Explore Color of Woman! 

2. GUILD Graduates & Conference 

Graduates of our higher level certifications come back to collaborate with us, as well as teach the core curriculum they just learned.  

We have a private app for our Guild members, as well as calls, trainings, opportunities to teach and so much more!

 Many of our graduates join our staff at Musea - we provide lots of jobs back into our community. 

Together we speak a common language, supporting one another, and working together to bring our mutual visions into the world.  

The Guild Members also collaborate with each other, bringing new curriculum based on their unique offerings.  

Find a Teacher in Your Area Discover a Class from a Graduate Check out our Staff  

3. COLLABORATER Seat of Muses & Board Members & Musea Locations 

Through the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3 we share our California campus with women educators, healers and board members. 

Shiloh Sophia, our founder, has been a space-keeper since her mid-twenties since opening her first gallery. She has had locations in San Francisco, Saualito, and Mendocino and now Tiburon and Sonoma. She believes in the power of having places for women to gather. 

This program is called Seat of Muses. You get to 'hang' your shingle at our location and promote your own school.

Graduates of Color of Woman are also available to have their public studio or gallery become a MUSEA : Center for Intentional Creativity. 

We also have Board Members who are part of other communities that collaborate with us for their visions or ours.  

 Learn about Seat of Muses  

4. OWNER Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC  

Creating a Legacy of Vision Keepers by becoming an owner in our woman and girl owned LLC.  

For 16 years our inner circle community members have worked together with our community to gather, publish books, invest in land, fund projects and support initiatives. To become an owner you need to 

* Graduate from one of our Certification programs 

*Apply for Ownership and be an active member for a year

*Take the Legend Course

*Choose your investment level and attend owner meetings.

Our vision includes families who choose to bringing their legacies together with ours to fund an incredible future for generations to come.  

To speak to someone about the path to ownership please email 

Legends says that those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread and that they are ever moving closer to the time when they will discover each other.

Musea members who choose to travel with us throughout their life are invited into a powerful creative lineage. To receive the gifts of this work and to pass them on to your Beloveds.

A Red Thread Runs Through Us : Painting by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Phyllis Taylor