Can Consciousness be Curated?

CODEX is a revolutionary experience for those ready to explore consciousness through self expression. This curriculum is from the future. An Intuitive Intentional Intellectual Painting and Writing Adventure! Big ideas and big imagination run wild on a giant canvas with giant brushes. This isn't just for those who identify as artists. It is for everyone.

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"Are you awake?"

What would you say if someone asked you that?

Is it an experience? An intuition? An indescribable phenomenon?
Can it be finite enough to speak about
and infinite enough to hold it as a great mystery?

What if there is a codex to each person's awakening journey? What if part of becoming conscious includes being able to articulate what being awake is?

Would being able to converse about it and create experiences of it, be a way to awaken others still sleeping?

Many of those who feel awake are tuned into an urgency to call others to their own awakening. Lots of programs and systems point to this most beautiful communal effort. We have come a long way but we all know there is more available. Where can it be found? Consider this, if each person has a kind of blueprint or design that holds their soul codes - how would a person access that? Most of us find ourselves with a few hot downloads, followed by seeking healers outside of ourselves, followed by adherence to systems created by other awakened ones. Then what?

Is intuition innate or can we call it forth?
If each of us has our own information, is continued consistent access possible?

Is there a capacity to think, be and act consistent to WHO we are and WHAT we are here to cause and create?

If our inside soul really matched who we are being 'out there' in the big ole' world we live in, would the alignment of inner and outer make a difference?

So many of us are living split, fragmented lives. When the critic rules over the precious hidden self, then the information we get daily is toxic.

There is a cure for this:
a conscious creative practice.

What most surprised me, though really it shouldn’t have, is that what emerged on my canvas also emerged within me during the CODEX journey. As I completed my painting, I experienced a new sense of completion within myself. Each of my Color of Woman Vision Quest paintings is an Archetype, each a single aspect of myself. My CODEX painting is different. As I gaze at it now, I see and feel that it’s the Archetype of my Whole Self. The CODEX painting began with the night sky and my arrival on the night of my birth, and from there went through a series of steps that mysteriously and quite miraculously led to this amazing image and story of who I really am and what I’m here to do. My words here cannot do this justice. I am blown away by what Shiloh Sophia has taught me and where she has led me over these past two years, starting with Legend and Color of Woman and culminating in my CODEX experience.

Sherry Rueger Banaka

In Codex I was able to gather my symbols, codes and medicine in one starry and magical space which has brought me clarity and illumination. For anyone seeking wisdom and depth around what they came to the earth to bring as a soul, this is a grand journey! Thank you to Shiloh, Jena and the whole support team. It was a beautifully held experience in all ways.

Jane Sanguinetti

In Codex I discovered a reverence for my diverse sacred gifts that seemed at first unconnected but now feel blended into a strong and purposeful wholeness that has a place and presence in this realm and at this time.

Adele Goodwin

Codex allowed me to process and paint my experience of integrating the sacred with science. Appreciate the inspiration and instruction from Shiloh, the slam-dunk journal prompts from Jena, and the whole-hearted support by the team. Thank you all! 

Marcia Morehead

Codex allowed me to chronicle my 59th year, beginning and ending on my birthday. This powerful painting process helped me to process unexpected tragedies, and lean into the truth and beauty of who I am. Forever grateful to Shiloh and her team for making this possible.

Katy Morse

Codex is from the Latin caudex, meaning tree-trunk.

In many modern teachings a codex is a code / coding / encoding or book of information. A place in which information is gathered, stored, categorized and organized.

It may also mean a cosmic map of sorts.

Your painting will be your CODEX, to access your own information. Using the Intentional Creativity teachings to discover and reveal them onto the canvas.

The CODEX course is an experience in consciousness and creativity. 25 years of research, experimentation and service to tens of thousands have gone into this curriculum.

Using Imagination + Mindfulness + Quantum Inquiry + Intuitive Painting + Visual Journaling you will access your hidden self and awaken insight.

Often the dominatrix of the prefrontal cortex blocks us from really being with our own archetypal identity and from accessing our personal codex of information. This can go on ALL OF OUR LIVES if we don't check the default settings and activate some fresh ideas. In this experience we will be moving out of 'just our head' and moving all the way in. Accessing mindfulness to create matter. Embodying and living the information as it arises.

In the CODEX course you will be invited to engage in meditative flow state creativity. You will work with one big painting and bring each catalytic theme directly onto the canvas in layers. You will work with the elements, acrylic, collage, pen and ink, and likely chocolate. Color, shape, texture, symbol, code, pattern and abstract expressionistic playfulness will create a cosmic map of YOU!

Pay in Full $625

What's Included?

22 Intentional Creativity Teachings are curated and delivered by Shiloh Sophia via talks, inquiries and painting layers over the course of 13 chapters. 102 videos in total!

Each chapter also includes Inspired Inquiry Art Journaling with Jenafer Joy to integrate and explore the presented themes.

Originally delivered in a once a month format Codex will be available for you to complete at your own pace. Be curious enough to commit to a regular practice and wild enough to want to do it your way! Our suggestion would be to dedicate an hour a week or 4 hours a month to the experience.

What supplies do I need?

One BIG canvas + Composting Canvas + Mixed Media journal + Drawing Pad. Fluid acrylic paints, heavy body acrylics (especially white), assorted brushes including big ones and also a tiny liner. Spray bottle, foam brush, pencil, black gesso, charcoal, sharpie, liquitex gloss medium, palette knife. Red thread. Glitter always welcome. Detailed list provided with registration!

What can I expect from the videos?

CODEX is an exploration in image and language.

The teachings will be a hybrid. In some Shiloh Sophia will deliver the Intentional Creativity teaching in a lecture/talk. She will invite you into inquiry around the idea and to try it on. This will include breath, meditation, journaling and more.

The in other videos you will bring the concepts into your painting. This includes explorations in metacognition and meditation And through this mindful experience, the awakening happens.

Further you will be invited to bring the concept into your current life happening and discover more about your own content and information.

The painting will be a cosmic map, a codex of both the core ideas within Intentional Creativity connected to being a human being and your own content ideas. Often we don't know what we know and we don't know how to articulate it if we do. Through this course you will gain greater expanded insight into your inner workings. CODEX will give you access to the hidden worlds.

What if I'm not creative?

You may not be 'talented' at art, YET you are creative. If we are to think of creativity as only something for those who are talented as in areas of arts like music, dance, theater, etc. then we have missed an essential ingredient in human beings. We need to rescue creativity from the tyranny of the talented. Creativity is how we are structured, and how we gain access to who we are. Creativity is how earth and nature are designed. Creativity via the imagination is where the heart meets the right and left brain and becomes embodied. This is also where the most fun is! ~ Shiloh Sophia.

Some of the Benefits you may experience from the CODEX Course

  • Increased capacity to think and gain access to your own ideas
  • Right brain and left brain communicating in potent ways
  • A consistent creative practice that expands an awareness of your gifts
  • An experience of freedom through self expression and joy
  • Reconciliation of those disparate voices
  • A desire to serve with your newly expanded awareness
  • Tools of resiliency to lead yourself and others through challenges
  • Finding that all the work you have done so far becomes useful in your expanded framework
  • A dissolution of the invisible barrier between your inside and outside self and increased coherency
  • A deepened capacity to experience and initiate pleasure and flow by choice
  • A clearer path to alignment in manifesting what you envision
  • Visionary goggles through which you can SEE new possibilities all around you
  • A co-creative relationship with earth and stars in a new sense of being and belonging
  • Access to your personal story so that you can transform how it lives in you and share your gifts
  • Cycles of transcendence, freedom from physical and emotional pain through bypassing the usual stops in the brain (critic)
  • An increased understanding of the phenomenon of Intentional Creativity, how and why it works to raise consciousness and invite healing and transformation
  • An experience of meditating with a brush in your hand to achieve transcendent states of being

ALL of Shiloh Sophia's magical easy-ish painting techniques will be shared and cataloged + new ones you haven't seen!

Potent inquiries will be explored through visual journaling with Jenafer Joy, deepening your understanding and fun

You will create one of the coolest paintings you have ever seen to hang in your house/office that will BE THE CODEX of your OWN CONTENT. Really. You may even surprise and delight yourself with your wild, self expressed abandon!

You may...become more conscious of who you are and how to embody that in your life than you ever dreamed possible...

You are likely to fall in love...

Do these seem like big ideas for an online course? They are. When you gain access to your own consciousness and can become truly co-creative - and experience how natural it is - it changes everything. And it's quick because you are ready and showing up for it. Creativity is the 'form-making' aspect that brings these ideas into reality. We can't see what we can't see. The thing is, there is more seeing available...we get to invite that seeing into being...