A revolutionary evolutionary next step is
calling to many of our hearts. Will we answer the call?

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Instant Access

Watch an Open House Event to Explore the Portals and Qualities of a Curate

Our space time with Earth is a Mystery School for Awakening by conscious choice to cocreation

Teaching with
Shiloh Sophia

In this experience we:

  • Explore the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of the Archetypal Qualities and what they mean for humanity as we navigate an ever-changing world
  • Experience the form, flow and field teaching within Intentional Creativity which informs every single thing in all of our lives that many of us aren't conscious of
  • Learn about the Path of Practice being proposed by MUSEA University to create a future of a respectful, relational global community

Watch this wonderful event and let's create the future together, shall we?

Intentional Creativity Graduates Gathering 2022 at MUSEA Center in Sonoma, California